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  • Number of applicants
  • Type of visa and validity
  • Purpose of visa
  • Processing time:
  • Normal (2 working days)
  • Urgent (1 working day) +10 USD/visa
  • Super Urgent (4-8 working hours) + 20 USD/visa

How to get


Types of Visa Normal Processing (2 days) 1 day 4 hours Stamping
1-3 Pax 4-6 Pax 7-9 Pax 10 Pax up PLUS PLUS  
1 month  $16  $13  $11  $8  $10  $20 $45
3 month  $25  $23  $21  $19  $10  $20 $45
1 month  $21  $16  $13  $11  $10  $20 $95
3 month  $32  $28  $26  $23  $10  $20 $95
Below nationaltities : Please kindly contact to Mr. Quan at
Email: or telephone: (+84) 91 6699 891
Liban Lebanon Morocco Nepal North korea Namibia Niger Palestine
Qatar Repulic of the congo Solomon Senegal   Sudan Srilanka Syria
Nigeria Turkey UAE Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe Libya South korea
Pakistan Oman Somalia Saudi Arabia Kuwait Kenya Angonia Algeria
Jordan Iran Iraq Ghana Congo Cameroon Bangladesh Afghanistan

Tonkin, a non-goverment organization, is one of Vietnam’s leading Travel companies specialising in entry Visas to Viet Nam. We submit customer documents and profiles to the Ministry of Viet Nam Immigration seeking approval - when this approval is issued,  our customers simply get their ‘stamped’ Visa at Viet Nam International  Airports. We undertake that all our information is  guaranteed to be in accordance with Viet Nam Immigration laws. You can either go to the Vietnamese embassy in your country or a third country where you may be staying to apply for a Visa to Viet Nam. Our service fee is lower than the Embassy or the Consulate’s visa service - but we guarantee legality and security as per Vietnam Immigration regulations.


What are the difference between Visa extension and renewal?

Visa extension

Many foreign tourist are coming to Vietnam and decide to stay longer for any reason, Visa extension or renewal is the only ways for applicants wishing to stay longer in Vietnam.


Office open 7 Days a Week

   Mon-Fri: 8am - 6:30pm, GMT +7
   Sat-Sun: 10am - 2pm, GMT +7


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